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Brand portal & car configurator


Audi AG, Ingolstadt

My role

Art direction & interface design
Design lead: Florian Uihlein
Creative direction: Fabian Roser


Neue Digitale / Razorfish, Berlin

Project description

Redesigning the structure, content and interaction design of Audi’s international brand portal. The standalone configurator as an extra tool has disappeared. Instead, the configurator is the website. And the website is the configurator. This was a revolutionary decision and a huge UX challenge.

Integrated configurator with light special — displaying day and night time running light, dipped beam and flashers.

In order to make developers lives easier it was essential to maintain a comprehensive production-styleguide.

All possible interactions such as hover, click, visit and other states for buttons, titles, links, etc. are included for easy reference.

This ensured that the design is consistent and optimised to meet business objectives and create an enjoyable experience for customers.

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