Beuth​.de Webshop

Customer-centric webshop relaunch to optimise conversion rate and increase sales.


November 2017


Webshop relaunch


Beuth Verlag GmbH, Berlin

My role

Art direction, visual & UI design


Moccu, Berlin

Beuth Verlag is a subsidiary of DIN and publishes standards and technical literature in all media formats for professionals in industry, science, trade, services, academia and the skilled trades.

The web shop is the most important sales channel for Beuth products. So far, the conversion potential has not been fully exploited due to the web site’s lack of user orientation. In addition, the portfolio has expanded considerably since the last relaunch.

A modular design system has been developed that enables the shopping experience to be accessible, making the large amount of complex information consumable for the user and driving purchase decisions.

The aesthetically pleasing yet functional visual language provides users with orientation at first glance. In addition, search functions provide quick and intuitive access to the products.